In what API tubing sizes is CFST (Carbon Fiber available)?

We currently provide 2 3/8”, 2 7/8”, 3 ½’, 4 ½” and shortly in 5” tubing. These tubing sizes have standard API ID’s. Dimensions and tubing weight are as follows:

API Size:OD TubingAPI Size:IDWeightThread Type
InchmmID InchID mmLBS/ft
2.375″60.3251.99549~ 3.1any
2.875″73.0252.24457~ 3.1any
3.5″88.92.79571~ 3.1any
4.5″114.33.72494.6~ 3.1any
5″127.04.408111.96~ 3.1any

Tubing weight may vary slightly.

Only ID is provided and not drift.
API-5 allows for 12.5% wall-thickness variation in metal tubing.
Our manufacturing process has much tighter tolerance control, hence ID is between OD and drift.

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