Are there any special Well Intervention restrictions or precautions?

CFST will in general be used in wells requiring a metal CRA tubing completion. However, the corrosive film on the Titanium liner is much harder than metal CRA alloy. Therefore, it will be much more difficult to damage that film contrary to Duplex or Inconel alloys. However, it is recommended to design and execute interventions similar to high Chrome, Nickel, or Inconel tubing. Carbon steel intervention tools can chip off steel splinters which could be embedded in the metal CRA tubing and give access to corrosion. If it is necessary to perform Interventions, non-metallic centralizers should be deployed, reduced running speed, especially in dry completions, like gas-wells. Intervention tools shall be selected new, burrs filed off. Plastic coated wire is a distinct advantage in both types of CRA tubing.

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