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Rig and Other Means of Deployment (4)

Our product can be deployed using a Hydraulic Workover Unit (AKA: Snubbing Unit). With the completion string weight being one-third that of a conventional metal string, a much smaller workover rig can be used. (think sucker-rod pulling or water well drilling rigs). Since these small rigs and HWOU have a much shorter mobilization time, there is a distinct advantage in reducing the shut-in time of the well from failure to repair. This has a very positive effect on cashflow.

Yes, it is for completions that have straight tubing from hanger to packer. The outside of the CFST is smooth enough not to create increased wear on the stripper rubber.

It is recommended to be run in a lower pressure environment. Due to the low stiffness, there is a probability of buckling when deploying against pressure. This could happen in the well or above Coil Unit stripper of HWO stripper BOPs. We recommend running completions in conventional rig operation mode; well pressure controlled by fluid or unperforated casing.

A spooled coil will have a similar footprint to a 20ft. container. It will be much taller to accommodate the reel. Our tubing does not need indoor storage, so height should not be an issue. In most cases, the tubing will not be stored for long periods but used immediately after production. On the wellsite, it does not take up more space on the pipe-rack as full completion length tubing, only higher.

Average Spooling Diameter for CFST
Tubing Diameter (in.)Spool Diameter (ft.)
2 3/814
2 7/816
3 1/219

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